Happy Guru Purnima in Hindi 2016

Guru PurnimA Ke AwSAr Pe Mere
Guru Ke ChArAno Mein
PArnAAm Mere Guru Ji KripA
RAAkhiyo Tere Hi ArpAn Mere
PrAAn! HAppy Guru PurnimA!


Guru Hi HAmAre MAtA PitA HAi,
Guru KA SthAn JivAn Me BAhut
Hi UchA HAi, Guru Ke BinA JivAn
VyArth HAi, JivAn Me Guru Ki
JArurAt HAi, HAppy GurupornimA.......!!!

Guru BrAhmA Gurur ViShnu,
Guru Devo MAheShwArAhA.......!!!
Guru SAAkShAt PArA BrAhmA,
TASmAi Sree GurAve NAmAhA
WiSh You HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

MAy The NAme Of Guru Be
EnShrined In Your HeArt
MAy GurujiS Divine Love
And BleSSingS Be With You
AlwAyS.......!!! HAppy Guru PurnimA

In Every HAlted SituAtion, I HAve AlwAyS
Got ASpirAtion & InSpirAtion From You,
I HAve Got Light Of ExiStence, I HAve
Left Behind All The ProblemS Of My
Life And Move TowArdS The PeAk ExperienceS
Of Life.......!!! WiSh You HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

When You Are With Your Guru
There’S Nothing More You Need
ThAnkS For AlwAyS Enlightening
Me And For All The Support
Indeed HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

MAy Guru’S BleSSingS Bring You
SucceSS, Luck And FAme WiSh
You HAppy Guru PurnimA You
Are Wonderful, RemAin The SAme.......!!!


Whenever I WAnted InSpirAtion
You Were There To Guide
And Be ThAnkS Guru For
Being Such A PillAr Of Support
For Me HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

You Introduced Me To MySelf
And Showed Me The Right WAy
ThAnkS For MAking Me Who I Am
WiSh You HAppy Guru PurnimA DAy.......!!!

TodAy IS A DAy To Be GreAtful
To ThAnk, Be Humble And
Smile WiSh You A HAppy
Guru PurnimA ThAnkS For
MAking My Life Worthwhile.......!!!

Be Devoted To Your Guru On
ThiS Holy DAy And Ever And
ThAnk Them For MAking You
Oh So WiSe And Clever WiSh
You HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

MAny TeAcherS CAme In My Life
But I Don’t Think About The ReSt
When It ComeS To MAking A
Difference You Are CertAinly Better
ThAn The BeSt HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

It IS An IncompArAble Journey Where
The Guru LeAdS You From The ViSible
To The InviSible, From The MAteriAl
To The Divine, From The EphemerAl
To The EternAl.......!!! ThAnkS For
Being My Guru HAppu Guru PoornimA.......!!!


Tumne SikhAyA UngAli PAkAd KAr
HAme ChAlnA, Tumne BAtAyA KAiSe
Girne Ke BAAd SAmbhAlnA, TumhAri
WAjAh Se AAj Hum PAhunche IS
MukAAm Pe, Guru PurnimA Ke
Din KArte HAin AAbhAr SAlAAm Ae.......!!!

AS You WAlk With The Guru, You WAlk
In The Light Of ExiStence, AwAy
From The DArkneSS Of IgnorAnce, You
LeAve Behind All The ProblemS Of
Your Life And Move TowArdS The PeAk
ExperienceS Of Life.......!!! HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!


TodAy IS The BeSt DAy To PAy The
Tribute To Your Guru, On ThiS
AuSpiciouS DAy Of Guru
PurnimA, MAke An OAth For
Your Life To Follow The StepS
Of Your Guru HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

Everyone In Their Life Will HAve A
Guru To LeAd Them, I HAd You In
My Life AS My Guru, You MAde Me
Come Out Of My IgnorAnce, I
LeArnt To HAndle The ProblemS All
BecAuSe Of You, I AlwAyS PAy My
Tribute To You, HAppy Guru PurnimA!

Being LoyAl To ThoSe Who Lifted
You Up In Your Life, SAluting
For The Help They Rendered
You, I AlwAyS ReSpect You AS
My Guru, HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!!

U Showed Me Light When I WAS In DArk,
In My Life U HAve Left A Very Big
MArk, In Every Step, U Were My Guide,
My Every SucceSS WS Ur Pride, For
AlwAyS Showing Me The Right WAy, I
ThAnk U TeAcher, On ThiS Guru PurnimA.......!!!

Guru PurnimA IS MeAnt To PAy ReSpect
To The People Who HAve Guided And
TAught US Throughout Our LiveS.......!!!
We Come AcroSS Different People At
VAriouS StAgeS Of Life.......!!! GrAteful
To EAch One Of Them For MAking Me
The PerSon I Am.......!!! HAppy Guru PurnimA.......!!!

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