I Miss You

Nver luk 4 a Gud Face
it'll turn old 1 day
Nver luk 4 a Gud Skin
it'll wrinkle 1 day
Bt luk 4 a loyal heart
tht'll miss u every day..

The Word 'Hello'
means H=How R U
E=Everything all right
L=Like 2 hear 4rm U
L=Love 2 C U soon
I miss you..

Sumtimes i frgt 2 say hi..
sumtimes i frgt 2 reply..
sumtimes my msg doesnt rch u..
bt it doesnt mean i frgt u..
im just gvng u time 2 miss me..

You're like a target tht I always try 2 aim at.
How I wish I could aim you at the heart.
Bt every time I fail, I feel so sad.
You know why? It's bcoz I always end up missing you...

Wht makes some people derr is 9t
just the happiness tht we feel
whn we meet thm bt the emptiness
we feel whn they r 9t around us.
I Miss U...

i may 9t be a clock
tht may text you 24hrs a day
bt my heart will be like a clock
tht will 9t s2p caring & saying
u r always remembered.
i miss u...

*You must be a thief coz
*you s2le my heart.
*You must be tired coz
*you're always running through my mind.
*Nd maybe I'm a bad shooter coz
*I keep missing you. 

I've been wondering why
you're 9t texting...
Multiple Choice:
a. busy b. dedma c. tired d. thrifty
e. want me 2 miss you...?

Sometimes-I 4get 2 say hi
Sometimes-I even miss 2 reply
Sometimes-my msg doesn't reach u
Bt, it doesn't mean tht I 4get u
I'm just giving u time 2 miss me

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