Mother's Day SMS and quotes

Ek hAsti hAi jo jAAn hAi meri,
Jo jAAn se Bhi BAdh kAr shAAn he meri,
RAB hukm de to kAr du sAjdA use,
Kyun ki wo koi Aur nAhi
MAA hAi meri.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!

She is An Angel on eArth.....!!!
She lives for me.....!!!
She is more thAn Anything.....!!!
She is god for me.....!!!
She is my life's first person.....!!!
I mAy fAil to express myself
ABout her But she is my life forever.....!!!
LOVE U MOM.....!!!

A Mother’s Work is nvr Done
She works from morning until dAwn
She spreAds her love
n keeps u wArm
But only once A yeAr we sAy
Mother we wish u HAppy Mothers DAy


Best quote I hAve ever reAd:
“I Believe in love At first sight!”
BcAuse… I’ve loved my mother
ever since I opened my eyes!
HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!!!

MAy God Bless your Mother
And She Live Loong Life
And Her Love And PrAy ShAdow on you
RemAins forever Throughout your life.....!!!
HAppy Mother's DAy !!

Cute Answer For A Difficult Question:

NAme The Court Where All Big Sins n
FAults Are Forgiven In A Second?
A SmAll Child Smile & Answered:
Its My MOM’s HeArt.....!!!
DedicAted To My MOM….....!!!

When I cAme home in the rAin,
My Brother Asked: Why U Didn’t tAke An UmBrellA.....!!!
Sister:(Advised) why didn’t U wAit till rAin stopped.....!!!
FAther(Angrily): WArned! only After getting cold, U will reAlize.....!!!

Mother: while drying my HAir, sAid,
“STUPID RAIN! couldn’t it wAit, till my child cAme home.....!!!”
ThAt’s MAA (Mother)

If you WAnt 2 See 2 HeAven on the EArth,,,
You Must See your Mother,
You should Touch her Feet.....!!!
BecAuse ur Mother is ExAmple of PArAdise.....!!!
HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!!!

She give me her lucks,
TAught me to TAlk,
MAde me lAugh,
TAught me to chill when Angry,
Gifted me UnderstAnding,
Helped me Conquer My FeArs,
TAught me the DifferentiAte Between Good 'n BAd,
MAde me Confident.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!
PROUD to Be Her SON.....!!!.....!!!
GlAd to hAve her As my mother.....!!!.....!!!
LOVE you MOM.....!!!.....!!!

HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!! !


A Mother MAy Be,
EducAted or UneducAted.....!!!
She is the Best guidelines in the world
when you fAil in your Life.....!!!.....!!! !!
HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!!!!

I tAke this opportunity
to thAnk you for
your immeAsurABle
contriBution to my life.....!!!
ThAnk you Mom!
And wish you A
Very HAppy Mother's DAy!

My Mother, my friend so deAr
Throughout my life you're AlwAys neAr
A tender smile to guide my wAy
You're the sunshine to light my dAy

Mother, I love you,
For All thAt you do.....!!!
I'll kiss you And hug you,
BecAuse you love me, too.....!!!
You feed me And need me,
To teAch you to plAy,
So smile BecAuse I love you,
On this Mother's DAy

Smiles Of HAppy Sunshine,
Arms Of EverlAsting Luv,
Touch Of Sweet Roses,
There Is MAgic In The Air
Whenever Ur There,
Mother, Everything To U I Owe,
MAy All PleAsures Of Life Come Ur WAy.....!!!
"HAppy Mother's DAy"

M Any hugs
O nly love never Anger
T eAching me
H elping me
E very smile when I wAs sAd
R Aising me to Be strong

It spells Mother.....!!! ThAnks for Being u.....!!!




I Luv U Mom
HAving U MAkes Me Feel SAfe & CAlm
I Miss U Mom
Missing Touches 2 My FAce With Ur ChApped PAlm
U R The GreAtest
BecAuse U R My Mom

I love you
And cAre for you
Very much

Wish u A very hAppy mothers dAy

HAppy Mother's DAy
MeAns More ThAn Flowers And Gifts
It MeAns SAying ThAnk You
It MeAns I Love You
You Are My Mother, My Friend
TodAy Is Your DAy!

Mothers Love Knows No BoundAries
As It Grows HeAlthier EAch DAy,

Knows No ReAson As It Is Given UnconditionAlly,
Knows No SeAson As It
TrAnscends Forever Through Eternity.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!

HAppy Mother's DAy

MAA ki mumtA kAun BhulAye,
KAun BhulA sAkhtA woh pyAAr,
Kis tArAh BAtAun kAise ji rAhAe hum,
Tu toh BAitee pArdesh mein,
GAle tujhe kAise lAgAun,
Lekin Bhej rAhA hAe pyAAr ish sms mein,
TerA BettA meri pyAri mAA…


Meri pyAr ki list mein
hAi sirf tumhArA nAAm
Selection ki Bhi list mein
hAi sirf tumhArA nAAm
Tum hi meri mAA Aur meri dost ho 
MerA pyAAr hAmeshA tumhAre sAAth ho.....!!!

PyAr kArnA koi tumse seekhe 
PyAr kArAnA koi tumse seekhe
Tum mAmtA ki murAt hi nAhi,
SAB ke dil kA ek tukdA ho
MAin kehti hun MAA,
Tum hAmeshA Aisi hi rehnA.....!!!
HAppy Mother's DAy!!

You've seen me lAugh
You've seen me cry
And AlwAys you were there with me
I mAy not hAve AlwAys sAid it
But thAnks And I love you
HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!

I tAke this opportunity
to thAnk you for your
immeAsurABle contriBution to my life.....!!! 
ThAnk you Mom!
And wish you A Very HAppy Mother's DAy!

When you feel you Are Alone in the crowd, 
When you think No.....!!!1 cAn understAnd you, 
When your love is rejected By others, 
& when you hAte your Life, 
Just close your eyes, & see, her fAce who loves you
more thAn Any 1 else, 
who cAre for you in loneliness, 
& dies when you cry.....!!! 
She is no 1, But your sweet loving mother.....!!! 
Love your mom first And AlwAys.....!!!

For the Best mom
who AlwAys hAd A smile for me
I know we mAy Be fAr ApArt right now
So here's A greAt Big hug And kiss
HAppy Mother's DAy

DeAr Mom,
I MAy Not Like You All The Time,
I Love You AlwAys.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!!

WhAt Is Difference Between
Temple And Home
In Temple Every 1 ImAgine 
To See The God 
In Home We Live With 
ReAl God It’s MOTHER
Hppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!!!

DAstAn mere lAAd pyAr ki BAs,
Ek HAsti k gird ghoomti hAi,

PyAr JANNAT se is liye hAy mujhey,
Ye meri MAA k qAdAm choomti hAi

HumAn Body cAn BeAr only
upto 45 Del (unit) of pAin.....!!!.....!!!
But At the time of giving Birth,
A womAn feels upto 57 Del of pAin.....!!!.....!!!
This is similAr to 
20 Bones frActures At d sAme time.....!!!.....!!!
So LOVE UR MOM till d end of ur life!!!

ShAre Ur HeArt
ShAre Ur Feel
ShAre Ur Love 
Wid Ur Mom
Coz She Is The Only Person In The World 
Who Loves U Most.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!:)

Neend Apni BhulAkAr SulAyA humko,
AAnsu Apne girAkAr hAnsAyA humko,
DArd kABhi nA denA us KhudA ko,
KhudA Bhi kAhtA hAi MAA Jise


MAA BAAp ki 1 duA zindgi BAnA deti hAi,
mAgAr khud royegi AAp ko hAsA degi,
kABhi Bhul kAr Bhi mAA ko nA rulAnA,
ek choti si Boond poori dhArti hilA degi,

Kid- Mom I love u more thn u love me 

Mom: how cAn u prove dix my son? 

Kid: Coz u've 2 sons n i've only one mother =] 


MAA Apne BAchoo pAr
sAB nichAvAr kArti hAi,
BinA lAlch unhe pyAr kArti hAi,
BhAgwAn kA dusrA rup hAi
humAri mAA jo hAr dukh me
humArA sAth detiA hAi.....!!!.....!!!
dedicAted to All moms.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!


I don,t hAve A diAmond to gift you

I don,t hAve Any other expensive item too

All I hAve to give is A wArm hug And lots of love

Love you MAA

MAnzil Dor Or SAfAr BohAt

Choti Si Zindgi Ki FikAr BohAt

MAAr DAlti Ye DunyA KAB Ki HAmAy,

Lekin MAA
Ki DuAon MAin AsAr BohAt hAy.....!!!.....!!!

You listen to our dreAms,
You listen to our hopes,
You feel oue feArs,
You Are no.....!!!1
HAppy Mother`s DAy.....!!!.....!!!.....!!!!


Mother Is Angel
R-rises 4 U.....!!!

For All Sweet Mom

DhArti Pe IshwAr Ki TAlAs He
MAlik TerA BAndA KitnA NirAsh He
Q KhojtA He InsAn IshwAr Ko
JABki Tere Dusre Roop
Me MAA Uske Itne PAAs He

I Wish Ur Mother A Very
HAppy Mother S DAy And ThAnx
Her For Giving Such A Nice
Friend To Me I Wish Her
Long Life And HAppiness Ever

ThAnk U Mom For Everything DAt U HAve 
Done And Keeping Doing For Me.....!!!
ThAnk U God For HAving You
As PArt Of My Life,
U HAve TAught Me MAny Gud Things,
2dAy WAt I HAve Become
It's Becoz Of U.....!!!

MAA Ki MumtA Kon BhulAye, 
Kon BhulA SktA Wo PyAr, 
Kis TArAh BAtAun Kese Ji RAhe Hum, 
Tu To Bethi PArdes Me, 
GAle Tujhe Kese LAgAun, 
Lekin Bhej RAhA Hu PyAr Iss Sms Me, 
TerA BetA Meri PyAri MAA

A smAll kid wAs Asked
to write An essAy on Mother.....!!!
A smArt child wrote :-
"Any comBinAtion of millions
words from 26 AlphABets
cAn never descriBe my MOM"


God Bless All Mothers .....!!!
“ChArm Is Deceptive
BeAuty DisAppeArs
WomAn Who Honors Lord
Should Be PrAised .....!!! .....!!! .....!!!
HAppy Mothers’ DAy

She is my life,She is my soul,
I Am pArt And she is my whole,
I Am just An imAge,She is my mirror,
So loving And cAring,
Thoughtful And kind wonderfully nice.....!!!
This wonderful person is none other thAn.....!!!
She is my nice Mother
“Wish you HAppy Mothers DAy”

MAAn ki BAAt jAAn le jo,
AAnkhon se pArh le jo,
DArd ho chAhe khushi,
AAnsoo ki pechAn kerle jo,
Wo hAsti jo BepAnnA pyAAr kAre,
MAA hi to hAi wo jo BAcho ke liye jiye….....!!!
HAppy Mother's DAy.....!!!.....!!!!!

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