Parents' Day Wishes

WhEn I FAll Down, You GivE ME A
HAnd....!!! WhEn I Cry, You Rub My
TEArs And Comfort ME To BE
Strong....!!! ThAnk You For BEing
With ME AlwAys HAppy PArEnts DAy....!!!

WhEn I ShArEd ThE Food You GAvE
ME, You SAid You WErE Not
Hungry....!!! Now I UndErstAnd ThAt
WAs All You HAd ThEn....!!!
ThAnks For KEEping AwAy Your
Own NEEds And WAnts To RAisE ME....!!!

You ArE ThE REAson Why I BEcAmE
A PAssionAtE WomAn, A Loving WifE,
A Strong MothEr And Now I Know,
I CAn BE A AmAzing GrAndmothEr....!!!
ThAnks For All Your Support My
DEAr PArEnts HAppy PArEnts DAy....!!!

I CAnnot ExplAin How Much I LovE You
Both For DEdicAting Your LifE For ME....!!!
You TAught BE How To BE Strong....!!! You
TAught ME To BE A MAn....!!! You TAught
How To BE A GrEAt FAthEr Wishing
You ThE SpEciAl & HAppy PArEnts DAy....!!!


I REmEmbEr My Childhood DAys, WhEn
You Both WErE With ME To MAkE ME
LAugh, HElp ME To Grow And Support
ME, ThAnk You For BEing ThE BEst
PArEnts In ThE World HAppy PArEnts DAy....!!!

Your Arms WErE AlwAys OpEn WhEn I
NEEdEd A Hug, Your HEArt UndErstood
WhEn I NEEdEd A FriEnd, Your GEntlE
EyEs WErE StErn WhEn I NEEdEd A LEsson,
Your StrEngth And LovE HAs GuidEd ME
And GAvE ME Wings....!!! HAppy PArEnts DAy....!!!

ThE BEst PArEnts Who AlwAys HAd
A SmilE For ME, Though WE MAy
BE FAr ApArt Right Now, But
HErEs A Big Hug And Kiss
For You To LEt You Know How
SpEciAl You ArE HAppy PArEnts DAy!

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