Pongal sms in India 2016

Hope This FestivAl MArks The
Beginning Of A HArvest SeAson.....!!!
ThAt Is HAppy And Cheerful
And One Which Brings With
It Good Luck And Prosperity 
or AlwAys. Greetings On PongAl.

Wish You A HAppy And Prosperous
PongAl.....!!! MAy All Your DreAms
Come True.....!!! MAy The
Almighty Bless You With
HeAlth.....!!! Prosperity And Joy.

Begin This YeAr With Love And Smile
Forget All Your Worries For A While
Wish You HAppiness And All Of Cheer
Lets CelebrAte.....!!! PongAl Is Here
From HeAven Up Above HAppy PongAl!

PongAl MArks Joy And Cheer And Brings
Along Everything ThAt's Best. MAy
The FestivAl Of HArvest SeAson Be
One ThAt Brings Along With It All
ThAt's Best And Everything You
Deserve. HAve A MemorAble PongAl.

HAppy PongAl To All.....!!! We ThAnk
Sun For Burning Himself To SAve
Us.....!!! We ThAnk PlAnts SAcrificing
Their Life For Us. And We ThAnk
All The CreAtures Helping Us To
Live In This World For Some Time.


Red SugAr CAne And SAffron Aplenty.....!!!
Flood Of HAppiness To Sweep Our
Country. Rise.....!!! Rise Milk Rice
Bring Smile To The FAce Of The Poor.....!!!
So Rise Milk Rice. HAppy PongAl.

PongAl Is Here.....!!! An OccAsion ThAt MArks
Joy And Cheer.....!!! And Brings Along
Everything ThAt’s Best. MAy The
FestivAl Of The HArvest SeAson.....!!! Be One
ThAt Brings Along With It.....!!! All ThAt’s
Best And Everything You’re So
Deserving Of. HAve A MemorAble PongAl.

As You Joyfully CelebrAte The FestivAl
Of PongAl And Welcome The HArvest
SeAson.....!!! This Greeting Is Being
Sent Your WAy.....!!! To Wish You
Everything.....!!! ThAt The OccAsion Is
MeAnt To Bring. HAve A HAppy PongAl.


Wishing You A Prosperous And Joyful
PongAl.....!!! Hope This SpeciAl DAy MArking
The StArt Of A HArvest SeAson Be
HAppy And Successful For You In
Every WAy And Brigs With It Prosperity.....!!!
Good Luck And Moments To Cherish.

MAy The FestivAl Of The HArvest
SeAson.....!!! Be One ThAt Brings
Along With It.....!!! All ThAt's Best
And Everything You're
So Deserving Of.hAppy PongAl.

PongAl Is A SpeciAl Time When FAmily
And Friends Get Together Wishing
LAughter And Fun To Cheer Your
DAys In This Festive SeAson Of
PongAl And AlwAys HAppy PongAl To All.

Begin This YeAr With Positive
Thoughts And CelebrAte The
FestivAl With Good Cheer MAy
All Your DreAms Come True FinAlly
Our FAvorite PongAl Is Here.

Heres A Wish Coming From HeArt
Nothing Should MAke Us PArt
Sending You PongAl Wishes
In A Bullock CArt MAy
God Give You Success
In All Your Art HAppy PongAl.

It's The DAy Of Sun God His
MirAcles.....!!! Blessing And Love
CAn Be Seen And Felt On This
PongAl DAy From HeAven Up
Above Wish You A HAppy PongAl.


As You CelebrAte The FestivAl Of
PongAl.....!!! With A Lot Of Fervor And
Cheer.....!!! This WArm Greeting Comes
Your WAy.....!!! With A World Of Good
Wishes For Every Joy And HAppiness.

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