Sorry SMS in Hindi for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

I Know I MEssEd Up, But PlEAsE
ForgivE ME! I Should Of
Though A Bit LongEr BEforE
Doing Stupid Things I’m Sorry
For ThAt, I Know I CAn’t Turn
BAck TimE, But I REAlly WAnt To....!!!

Sorry MAy BE OnE Of ThE Most MisusEd
Words In ThE WholE UnivErsE
But Is ThE Only WAy I CAn TEll
You How I FEEl At ThE
MomEnt, PlEAsE GivE ME A ChAncE
To Show You ThAt Am Truly Sorry....!!!

I Know My Sorry MAy Not MEAn A
Lot To You At ThE MomEnt,
PlEAsE GivE ME A ChAncE To Show
You ThAt I REAlly MEAn It And
You CAn Trust ME All OvEr AgAin....!!!

Hi! I’vE OvErslEpt This Morning....!!!
I’m Sorry I MAdE You WAit For So
Long! Don’t BE MAd At ME, I Do
My BEst Not LEt ThAt HAppEn AgAin....!!!
PlEAsE ForgivE ME! SEE You Soon....!!!

HEy PrincEss I Am REAlly IncomplEtE
Without You, Now I REAlisE How Big
MistAkE I Did To Hurt You, Bt Now
I Am REAlly Crying InsidE And
FEEling Sorry....!!!....!!! Plzzz ForgivE ME....!!!


I M Sorry Of BEing So EmotionAl,
I M Sorry Of BEing So PossEssivE,
I M Sorry ThAt I Cry For You,
I M Sorry BEcAusE I CAnt LivE
Without You I LovE You So Much....!!!

I Am Sorry For BEing So EmotionAl,
I Am Sorry For BEing So PossEssivE,
I Am Sorry ThAt I Cry For You,
I Am Sorry BEcAusE I CAn't LivE Without You,
I Am Sorry For ThE TEArs You ShEd,
I Am Sorry For ThE DAmAgE I MAdE,
I Am Sorry I HAvE MAdE You Sick,
Sorry I Hurt You So DEEp But I LovE You....!!!....!!!

It WAs NEvEr My IntEntion To BE
UnfAithful, Things HAppEnEd And
Now I REAlizE ThAt I WAs VEry
SElfish To Act ThAt WAy, I ApologizE
For HAving CAusEd You So Much PAin....!!!

To ThE WomAn I LovE And WAnt
To WEd I SAy Sorry For ThE
Things I SAid TAkE This As
A Kiss To ThE ForEhEAd As You
TAkE SwEEt MEmoriEs Of Us To
BEd I LovE You Now And Until
My HAir Turn GrAy On My HEAd....!!!

HEy PrincEss I Am REAlly IncomplEtE
Without You, Now I REAlisE How
Big MistAkE I Did To Hurt You, But
Now I Am REAlly Crying InsidE And
FEEling Sorry....!!!....!!! Plzzz ForgivE ME

How CAn I BEgin To SAy I`m
Sorry....!!! I Didn't MEAn To
UpsEt You....!!! I HopE ThAt You
CAn ForgivE ME....!!! I’m Sorry....!!! 


REmEmbEr ThE Good TimEs WE HAd
SpEnt TogEthEr, And ThE
BEAutiful FuturE WE HAd DrEAmy
Of, DArling I NEvEr WAntEd To
CrEAtE A distAncE BEtwEEn Us,
PlEAsE LEt Us BridgE ThE GAps,

ThErE Is Nothing Wrong
To SAy Sorry! WhEn WE ArE
Wrong, OnE Sorry CAn SAvE
MAny PrEcious
RElAtionships! TodAy Is
World Sorry SAying DAy ....!!!....!!!!

AisA Bhi KyA KAsur HumnE
GAir KAr DiyA MAAf KArnA
HAmAri GAltiyo Ko Jinki
YAAd KArnA KAm KAr DiyA....!!!....!!!

HAving A FiAncé LikE You Is
A DrEAm ComE TruE....!!! I NEvEr
WAntEd To Hurt You And So I
Am SAying Sorry To You....!!!
PlEAsE ForgivE ME This TimE

It DoEsn’t TAkE Too Long To
REAlisE Your MistAkE But To
AccEpt It TAkEs A Lot Of
Effort And TimE....!!!....!!! My LovE
I Am Sorry To HAvE
MisundErstood You....!!!....!!! ForgivE ME

I Know I HAvE LEt You Down,
And Am Truly Sorry For WhAt
HAppEnEd....!!! I CAn SEnsE An
EmptinEss And ShAmE In My
HEArt....!!! PlEAsE ForgivE ME....!!!

I FEEl VEry SAd About WhAt
HAppEnEd....!!! I Am DEEply Sorry,
And SincErEly ApologizE For
My MistAkE....!!! PlEAsE ForgivE ME....!!!

I Am REAlly FEEling HorriblE
For WhAt I HAvE SAid And DonE
And I Know A Sorry Won’t HElp....!!!
But I Ask You To PlEAsE ForgivE
ME And GivE ME A ChAncE To MEnd!

I Know I HAvE Not BEhAvEd
Right....!!! I Know I HAvE Hurt
You....!!! I Am FEEling VEry Guilty
And I Will Try To MAkE It
Up To You....!!!
PlEAsE ForgivE ME....!!! Sorry!

If I Could TAkE BAck WhAtEvEr
HAppEnEd I Would....!!! But SincE
ThAt Is Not PossiblE, I Just
WAnt Both Of You To Know How
BAd I FEEl About It....!!! PlEAsE GivE
ME AnothEr ChAncE....!!! I’m Sorry....!!!

You AlwAys PointEd Out ThE
Right DirEction For ME....!!!
It’s My FAult I Did Not
TAkE You SEriously....!!! I’m Sorry....!!!

A FEEling Of ShAmE And EmbArrAssmEnt
HAs GrippEd ME....!!! ThE MistAkE I Did
WAs IndEEd UnintEntionAl, And I
ApologizE To You About It....!!! PlEAsE
ForgivE ME, I ShAll NEvEr MAkE Such
MistAkEs And DEcisions In LifE....!!!


If I HAvE EvEr DonE A MistAkE,
4givE ME Thinking ThAt It
WAs A MistAkE....!!!....!!! And Dont EvEr
4gEt ME EvEn By A MistAkE....!!!....!!!

I'm Sorry MAy Not MEAn ThAt
Much To You, But It MEAns A
LifEtimE Of Our RElAtionship
To ME! PlEAsE ForgivE ME ....??

I Am Sorry, I Know VEry FEw
WAys To LovE You, But In EvEry
SinglE WAy I LovE You From My
DEEp DEEp HEArt, ThErE Is NonE
In My HEArt But You!
If Its Not Enough For You,
I GuEss ThEn Am Not ThE OnE!

I HAvE All WAys MAdE MistAkEs
So HAs EvEry OnE But My BiggEst
MistAkE Is LEtting You Go And
If You TAkE ME BAck I Will NEvEr
MAkE A MistAkE As Big As This
OnE EvEr AgAin....!!! I Am Sorry....!!!

I'm Sorry For BlAming You,
For EvErything I Just Couldn't
Do And I'vE Hurt MysElf By
Hurting You, ThErE's Nothing
I Wouldn"t Do To HEAr Your VoicE
AgAin SomEtimEs, I WAnt To CAll
You, But I Know You Won't BE ThErE....!!!

I Am Sorry To Hurt Your FEElings
My LovE, I Should HAvE KEpt My
PromisEs As I HAd Told You....!!! But
I Don't Know ThE REAson Why I
Did Wrong To You If U FEEl ThAt
I HAd Hurt You By UnplEAsAnt Words
ThEn PlEAsE ForgivE ME And AccEpt
My Sorry I NEvEr MEAnt To Hurt You....!!!


WE SmilE At Whom WE LikE,
WE Cry For Whom WE CArE,
WE LAugh With Whom WE Enjoy,
WE BEcomE Angry With Whom
WE FEEl Is Our Own I Am Sorry....!!!

I FElt AshAmEd For WhAt I HAd
DonE, I Don't HAvE Any ExcusEs....!!!
I Did WhAt I Did, I TAkE Full
REsponsibility For MysElf And
My Actions, I Wouldn't PAwn This
Off On Anybody, I'm Sorry It
HAppEnEd....!!! And I Hurt PEoplE....!!!

I'm Sorry To BE Smiling EvEry
TimE You'rE NEAr, I'm Sorry
My EyEs TwinklE WhEnEvEr You'rE
HErE, I'm Sorry ThAt Cupid
HAs MAdE His Hit, I'm Sorry
I LovE You, I CAn't HElp It....!!!

I Know How Angry You ArE....!!!....!!!
& WhAt You Must BE Going
Through So I HopE, You
Know How Sorry I Am For
All ThAt HAppEns BEtwEEn Us;
PlEAsE ForgivE ME....!!!....!!!!!

WhAt I Did WAs Foolish &
ImpulsivE If I Cud TAkE It
All BAck I’d Do This SoinstAnt
I Truly Didn’t MEAn To Hurt
You In AnywAy
I’m Sorry For Hurting You....!!!....!!!


I Know ThAt WhAt I Did Hurt You, I’m
Not Asking You To ForgEt My Action
But PlEAsE ForgivE ME....!!! I Will SpEnd
ThE REst Of My LifE Showing You ThAt
ThE Risk You TAkE With ME Is WEll
Worth It....!!! I Will NEvEr Hurt You AgAin....!!!

You MEAn ThE World To ME, I NEvEr WAnt
To MAkE Your HEArt Hurt And I Did
TodAy, I Am Sorry For ThE MistAkE
I MAdE, I HopE You CAn Find A PlAcE
For ForgivEnEss In Your HEArt I Will
Do EvErything To NEvEr Hurt You AgAin....!!!

ThEy SAy ThAt LovE MEAns NEvEr
HAving To SAy, ThAt You’rE Sorry
But WE ArE HumAns And ArE
PronE To MAking MistAkEs....!!! PlEAsE
ForgivE ME And GivE ME AnothEr
ChAncE To ProvE My LovE For You....!!!

You ArE ThE BEst GirlfriEnd I’vE
EvEr HAd And I LovE And AdorE
You, I MEssEd Up Big TimE And
I’m Truly Sorry, PlEAsE ForgivE ME,
HonEy I Do Not WAnt To LosE You....!!!

SwEEthEArt, I’m Not Too Proud To
Admit ThAt I WAs Wrong, I WAs
SElfish, Foolish And PighEAdEd And
I Could Kick MysElf For Hurting You
So Much....!!! I’ll Do My BEst To NEvEr
LEt It HAppEn AgAin....!!! I’m So Sorry....!!!

You ArE MorE ThAn My SistEr, You
ArE My BEst FriEnd, I Know ThAt
I’vE Hurt You DEEply And I’m
AshAmEd Of MysElf BEcAusE No OnE
Hurts ThEir SistEr Or BEst FriEnd
ThE WAy I Hurt You....!!! I’m VEry Sorry....!!!


I Know My Actions HAvE CrEAtEd
A GAp BEtwEEn Us I HAvE No
IdEA How To BridgE It, I HopE
My Apology Will BE ThE First
Building Block For Us GEtting
BAck To WhErE WE UsEd To BE....!!!

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